Amazon Fire Phone Reviews 2014

Amazon appears on the technological scene once more as it introduces the Fire Phone, a dynamic smart phone that promises to exceed the limits of both Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy. Equipped with features such as auto-scroll and swivel, paired with the identification techniques of peek and Firefly, Amazon’s Fire Phone invites users to see the world from a “Dynamic Perspective.” The phone also promises free Amazon customer service, as well as a limited-time offer of one full year of Prime, Amazon’s answer to Netflix, which offers unlimited music streaming, the Kindle Lending Library, and instant video downloads.

Anticipated heavily in the world of technology, the in-depth viewing opportunities of auto-scroll and swivel are finally a reality. Auto-scroll, an alternative to the traditional finger scrolling, allows users to read books or magazine articles without having to adjust manually. The screen scrolls for the reader, allowing for a one-handed reading experience. Swivel, in turn, permits one to digitally turn his or her head about the screen, whether it be to get a taste of foreign scenery or to become his or her favorite character. These features, along with the Fire Phone’s “fast, fluid graphics” have already given the item a leg-up on its competitors.

Although the Fire Phone is brand-new to the market, it already vows to equip its customers with an ease of access and service that is beyond compare. The phone’s more-quiet equivalent to Apple’s Siri, named “Peek,” gives users the opportunity to see beyond what is displayed in front of them by producing information such as tickets from StubHub™, lyrics to songs, and addresses of businesses. Also, should trouble arise, the phone is geared with “Mayday,” an application that promises “Help in 15 seconds or less” with free service from either Amazon or AT&T™ anytime, anywhere.

On the internal side, the Fire Phone includes a 2.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor which, along with 2 GB or RAM, gives a promise of “faster app launch times, quicker website loading times, and smoother multitasking.” It also stands by the guarantee of a long battery life, a feature that is historically lacking in the realm of smart phones. Too, the device follows the trend of other technologies as it includes a connection to Amazon Cloud, a product that allows users to sync between devices.

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