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Blendtec Professional Blender Reviews

Go pro with some serious horsepower on the Blendtec Total. Built for intense in-home use, this commercial-standard blender will keep its promise on the 7 year warranty to you: long-time users continue to bring in the Blendtec byword. Such a blender is an investment worthy of the smart kitcheneer. Despite the daunting prospect of shelling out a sizeable sum for a kitchen appliance, first-time buyers and previous users have claimed exceptional satisfaction with the Blendtec, unanimously vouching for the value in the long run. Because the Blendtec is built to last, it will take on whatever you can throw at it in the kitchen and sustain all offensives from stubborn ingredients like ice, delivering consistent results with a solid professionalism that you can only expect from the best.

Go for that immensely powerful 3 horsepower direct-drive motor! With this kind of blending power, any job that you need it to will be a breeze- and you won’t have to worry about burning out the appliance because it’s built for the long-term heavy-duty run. The blender packs wattage of 1,560- making it a countertop powerhouse for your kitchen. A little bit of a monster, but with all the refinement you need it to have in terms of technique and style. The Blendtec offers the options of pre-programmed blending cycles for the kitchen guru in a hurry- so useful when you’re going for timesaving and hassle-free methods in the kitchen. The touchpad controls are digital, clearly workable, resilient and easily manageable. There is a built-in auto shutoff option as an additional advantage. BlendTec have used their exclusive Smart Touch technology in this champion blender: choose a cycle and it will automatically speed up, slow down and shut off as the cycle progresses and finishes. Crushing ice is an absolute pleasure with this monster, say many reviewers.

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