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Craftsman 309 piece Mechanic’s Tool Set Review

With a brand that generations of mechanics in America has trusted for its durability and quality, The Craftsman 309 piece Mechanic’s Tool Set #41309 is all that any mechanic will want. Whether for the automotive mechanic, the aircraft mechanic, or the plant and industrial mechanic, or the weekend home mechanic, working on machines and machinery made anywhere from all over the world, small or large, with either metric or standard sizes is no problem.

It comes with every size of tool to fit any size and any space that any mechanic will ever need, standard or metric. The mechanic can choose from three sizes of quick release ratchets, six extension bars, a total of 201 inch and deep sockets, that includes four spark plug sockets, 36 combination ratcheting and open-end wrenches, 15 hex bits, and other specialty tools such as a 40 pieces of hex keys, screwdriver handle, 10 screwdriver bits and 12 nut drivers bits, a rugged.

It’s highly polished alloy material clearly shows its durability and quality, and also allows very easy cleaning. It’s a heavy weight contender weighing in at 36 pounds, ready for any heavy weight beating in the workshop, or in the field, all in a 19x10x6 inch package.

And best of all, like with any other quality Craftsman product, this tool set comes with the legendary Craftsman’s Lifetime Warranty. Just bring it to any Sears/KMart store for any reason to get it repaired or replaced, no questions asked.

Features of Craftsman 309 piece Mechanic’s Tool Set #41309

The Craftsman 309 piece Mechanic’s Tool Set #41309 is a complete range of tools, and all the tools that every mechanic will need for every bolt size. It various tool configurations allow the mechanic the ability to work in either large or small restrictive spaces.
English Sizes
Standard Sockets from 5/32” to 1”D
Deep Sockets from 3/16” to 7/8”
Combination Ratcheting and Open-end Wrenches from 5/16” to ¾”
Spark Plug Sockets 5/8, 13/16, ¾
Hex Bits from 3/16 to 5/16
10 piece Ignition Wrench Set
20 piece Hex Key Set

Metric Sizes

Standard Sockets from 4mm to 22mm
Deep Sockets from 4mm to 19mm
Combination Ratcheting and Open-end Wrenches from 8mm to 18mm
Spark Plug Socket 18mm
Hex Bits from 4mm to 8 mm
10 piece Ignition Wrench Set
20 piece Hex Key Set

Both 6 and 12 point Sockets

3 pieces of Quick Release Ratchets: ¼”, 3/8” and 1/2”
6 pieces of Extension Bars
Two sizes for the ¼ drive ratchet
Three sizes for the 3/8” drive ratchet
1 size for the ½” drive ratchet

Magnetic Handle for use with

10 piece Screw Driver Bit Set
12 piece Nut Driver Bit Set

Functions of Craftsman 309 piece Mechanic’s Tool Set #41309

English and Metric Sizes

The tools in this tool set are available in both English and Metric sizes. As machines are now made from every corner around the world, the mechanic will be working on some machines that use bolts in English sizes, and some in Metric sizes. That will no longer be an issue as this tool set can cover either.

Quick Release Ratchets

The Quick Release Ratchets are designed with a mechanism that allows you to change sockets faster to help you finish your work quickly.

Extension Bars

The extension bars are attached to the Quick Release Ratchets and a socket is attached at the other end. The different lengths of the extension bars allow you to reach deep seated bolts, otherwise unreachable with the standard sockets.

Standard Sockets

The standard sockets are used for easily accessible bolts. As most bolts on machinery are typically exposed, these sockets are the best ones to use.

Deep Sockets

The deep sockets are used for bolts that are not readily accessible using the standard sockets. Depending on the design of a machinery, some bolts are placed in some awkward crevice or deep end, where a long deep socket is needed.

6 and 12 Point Sockets

Both 6 and 12 point sockets are available for the mechanic. The 6 point sockets allow for a stable grasp on the bolt head, minimizing the risk of rounding the bolt head. The 12 point sockets are used whenever a better range of motion is needed specially when working in tight restricted spaces around the machinery.

Spark Plug Sockets

Spark Plug Sockets are specially designed to remove automotive spark plugs by allowing it to hold on to the spark plug, when it is loose, allowing it to be lifted out of the tight engine space around the spark plug. It is also used to be able to hold a new spark plug while installing it into the engine.

Combination Ratcheting and Open-end Wrenches

The ratcheting wrenches helps in finishing a job faster by allow the quick installation or removal of bolts. The tool does not need to be removed from the bolt or nut, as it is being removed or installed, as the ratchet mechanism automatically holds and releases the nut as it is turned.

Ignition Wrench Sets

The ignition wrench, is a wrench that has both a box-end and open-end on either ends. This two in one tool gives the mechanic a choice of using box-end for normal jobs and open-end used usually in instances with tight spaces to work on.

Hex Bits

Some bolts have a rounded or cylindrical heads, and has a hexagonal shaped indentation. The hex bits are used for these kinds of bolts.

Hex Key Sets

Some smaller bolts with the same hexagonal shaped indentation can be installed or removed using the smaller hex keys.

Magnetic Handle with Screw Bits and Nut Driver Bits

For small bolts and screws, with typical heads such as either flat or Philips head, different sizes of screw bits can be selected, by attaching it first onto the magnetic handle. In the same way, different sizes of nut driver bits may be used on different sizes of nuts.


The Craftsman 309 piece Mechanic’s Tool Set #41309 is a complete range of tools, and all the tools that every automotive, aircraft mechanic, plant and industrial mechanic and the weekend home mechanic will ever need. It’s various configurations allows the mechanic to work on either large or small restrictive spaces. It is made of durable highly polished steel alloy, with a brand known for its durability and quality. It features time saving designs such as the quick release ratchets, and combination ratcheting wrenches, to help you finish the job faster. And most importantly, it is backed by Craftsman’s legendary lifetime warranty.

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