Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 Review

The Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 is one of the most convenient and advantageous pieces of technology in our generation. With several other models of tablet tech, you’ll not find another that is as simple, sleek, and powerful as this at an affordable price. Whether it’s for simple and casual tasks such as playing game applications, watching movies and streamed videos, or taking snapshots at everyday activities or much more serious errands such as note-taking during meetings, e-mail reception, or quickly accessing the internet for research, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is the right piece of technology for you. But by now, you’re probably wondering, why don’t I just get another brand as my tablet? Of course, nothing’s keeping you from looking the other way and considering other brands and models. However, it would be a wasted opportunity if you don’t look into the state-of-the-art qualities and functions that this tablet has to offer.

Convenient features

Light and Slim. With only approximately 1.8 pounds and 186×107 millimeters wide, this tablet is light-weight and easy to carry around. You wouldn’t have to worry about having your hands full as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is light enough for you to use with just one hand—much like a phone with a larger screen and better specs and features!

TouchWiz Interface. With an incomparable touchscreen that is user-friendly and provides lightning-fast immediate responses, the Tab 4 developed by Samsung allows you to do your work smoothly and efficiently without the irritating time to load your screen. Also, the TouchWiz interface includes some of its own features as well:

Notification Panel – With a single row of icons to display all incoming notifications, TouchWiz allows you to deal with app notices, messages, and the like.

Quick Settings – Whether it’s to adjust the brightness, to activate Bluetooth connection, or to connect to a nearby network to go web-surfing, a quick selection of tools and settings are a great way to ease any user from having to hassle about going through several windows just to find that one tool you’re looking for.

Multi-Window – One important use for a tablet is that you can take it with you on business meetings or other work-related activities and keep hold of several windows—all at the same time! So, this tab’s a perfect match for those who need to go multi-tasking to look through notes, check on e-mails, surf the web, and practically anything you’re doing!

Family Friendly. Not only can you see to your business and work with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, but you can also take a load off and relax with its capability to smoothly run entertainment applications such as movie apps, e-book readers, game apps, music, and basically any app that you can get your hands on. With the Tab 4, you don’t have to be as techy as a rocket scientist to know how to run applications and software. It’s a tablet that anybody at home can use.

Sleek Design. Unlike its predecessors, the Galaxy Tab 4 features an appearance that is much simpler yet professional to look at. With a look that is sure to catch the eyes of people you’re around, this tablet that comes in either black or white gives off a glossy exterior, encased in harden plastic that is both durable and fashionable. Without a doubt, this tablet carries its own stunning façade.

By now, you’re already pretty knowledgeable about some of the features that the Tab 4 has to offer. So, why aren’t you adding this to your cart yet? Well, if it’s going to take more than a few features to get you onboard, why don’t you read on to see what you can do with its powerful features.

Tasks Made Easy

Note-Taking. One thing you need to know about tablets is that it can turn any employee into an efficient worker by allowing him or her to make use of hassle-free text processors such as notepads, word documents, and other writing applications. With the Tab 4’s quick responses, you can open up a note-taking app with just a few taps on the screen, making it the perfect device for easily catching your boss’s lectures.

Light Reading. Who doesn’t enjoy a good book every once in a while, right? With a tablet that is designed lightly for it to not overheat in your hands or on your lap, the Galaxy Tab 4 is the perfect device for you if you just want to sit in a comfy chair and do some light reading of your favorite novel or resting in bed in a darkened room as you read your e-book from the light-projected texts.

Creative designing. Applications and programs such as Photoshop will allow any user to take the Tab 4 and turn it into a canvas for creative work such as photo-editing. Unlike the use of personal computers like laptops and desktops, this Tablet allows users to smoothly create their designs and patterns or whatever it is that artists use it for with the use of their fingertips—a feature that a mouse or a trackpad simply can’t provide you.

Media and Gaming. Whether you’re on a long car trip, on a flight to a foreign land, or simply waiting in line behind several patients at the doctor’s clinic, you’ll eventually be overcome by boredom. With the Tab 4, you can download and install gaming apps to ease your lethargy and dullness. With a processor that is more than capable of smoothly running gaming applications and a screen resolution that provides crisp imaging, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 should definitely be your pick.

So, what are you still waiting here for? You should have stopped reading this item description and clicked on “Add to Cart” a lot sooner! The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 is without a doubt the tablet that everybody’s looking for. So, go on ahead and get one today!

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