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The world has indeed become a mass of space, with so many directions and destinations that even inborn residents have to consult maps before they can think about trips to the city’s local market. Garmin Nuvi’s lineup has made traveling a lot simpler. A GPS navigation system that accurately presents illustrious routes in real time providing various information of the neighborhood as well as of the distances across the country. It’s sleek design and bright light adds to the beauty and usability of the vehicle. The conveniently detailed routes are highly dependable as they are broadcasted directly from satellites and not towers which limit geographical reach and do not provide data in the real time. No more need to make stops and roll down windows to strangers. Garmin Nuvi models are your complete personal traveling assistants and the functions explained below tell us why.

Functions of the Garmin Nuvi Series


It’s integrated with Foursquare which gives you so much more additional information than simple location. Based on your past experiences and preferences; Nuvi 68LMT shows you elements of interest like famous restaurants, entertainment joints or other services. You can also access other information about the location such as its operating hours, price ranges and customer reviews to know about the experiences that people have had of the particular place.

Models like Nuvi 2599LMTHD have Bluetooth connectivity so that you can link your devices such as smart phones to access all that information on them.

Voice Activated Navigation

The garmin Nuvi models like 3597LMTHD and 2789LMT have Voice Activated Navigation system, where route instructions are given in a natural sounding voice that speaks of visibly prominent landmarks to have the driver expediently follow the directions without any hassle of having to identify directed cues. This voice activated navigation system can also take verbal instructions from the driver, which means driver can easily give instructions like setting the destination of the drive and Nuvi would respond in a smooth natural voice interacting with the driver.

Direct Access

It has Direct Access which makes it easier to find difficult locations almost to pinpoint accuracy. Locations like shops induced in big malls are informed to the driver through the closest entrance point inside the mall and what floor holds the shop that driver is trying to locate. The road routes are also carefully presented, like the driver’s route on changing lanes would be highlighted with different colors with a demonstrated action model on the screen that would be articulated by a soothing voice to guide you along the way.

Live Lifetime Maps

The likes of Nuvi 68LMT have Live Lifetime Maps. So the prospect of new roads built or old businesses shutdown to opening up of new ones would not trouble you, as you would have lifetime of this service with constant updates to any changes around you. There are almost live feeds of traffic conditions to your proposed route at 30 seconds update intervals. This also suggests alternative routes based on time to be taken on these routes. Nuvi 2599LMTHD have three dimensional buildings, terrain and traffic view for the facilitation of the driver.

Bird’s Eye junction

The driver can also view the route in Bird’s Eye junction. This function allows the users to look over the track from an angle up above. Roads, interchanges, surrounding landscape and even sign boards are presented life like on routes that the driver may never have taken before.

This overhead view offers users the ease of having a wider and more realistically defined outlook over the whole journey. The up ahead feature of the device lets the driver see way ahead of the position of the vehicle. This feature allows the driver to see in advance if there’s a needful stop coming along the way like restroom motels, fuel stations or ATM spots so the driver can prepare in advance. The latest Nuvi models also include the speed limit being displayed on the screen beside the actual speed that the car is moving on.

Smartphone Link Compatible

Anther function of most of the Garmin Nuvi versions is the Smartphone Link Compatible. There is a special app developed for both iOS and Android mobile users. This app can be used by the driver to share his or her experiences about the journey they have had with the world. It can also be used to inform loved ones of information like where is the user parked or what is the destination that he or she is aiming for. There are also many live services that the user can access while on the journey to get real time information such as the weather radar of the area the user is traveling in.

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