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LG Electronics 55LB6300 Smart HDTV Review

The LG Electronics 55LB6300 is a Smart LED TV packed with advanced features catered to the family looking for that cinematic and immersive experience. Its user interface allows quick and easy access to movies, TV shows, apps, and even the web. Entertainment is what the LG Electronics 55LB6300 can provide, and with its competitive innovation and user-friendliness, there is definitely no compromise in technology.


Launcher Bar – Whether it is customizing one’s preferred visual interface or navigating through apps, the Launcher Bar proves itself to be a necessary and easy-to-use feature.

Quick Resume – Entertainment will never feel interrupted because of Quick Resume, which allows users to go back to their favorite movie or TV show.

Content Store – Everything from games, apps and a variety of content can be seen through the LG Content Store; with its smart ability to detect a user’s viewing habits, it displays recommended content and apps which the user finds interesting.

Magic Remote – Navigation is made easy with the Magic Remote, more so with LG’s Voice Mate which is equipped with natural speech recognition. The Magic Remote allows its users to engage and interact with the Smart TV and have full control with what they want.

Full HD 1080p Resolution – The introduction of HDTV’s have made picture quality one of the main aspects which today’s consumers look for, and now with Full HD 1080p, clear and detailed resolution has never been more refined.

LED Backlighting – LG’s Smart TV is equipped with superior LED backlighting that allows more color, image clarity, and brightness to be displayed through illumination.

IPS Panel – Whichever row or seat an audience or family member is viewing from, the IPS (In-Plane Switching) panel will certainly deliver a clear and consistent image in a variety of angles.

MCI 600 – The MCI (Motion Clarity Index) rating for this Smart TV is at 600, and it is an impressively higher rating than most TV’s, which means users can now benefit from having enhanced frame rates and a much more powerful video processing engine, allowing them to enjoy their favorite action movies, sports, and video games without any unpleasant motion blur.

Smart Functions

LG’s webOS – Having a user interface that is simple, yet intuitive and visually appealing is a must-have these days, and LG’s webOS has integrated all of those aspects into its user interface, making Smart TV’s more fun and interactive for its users.

Bean Bird – Setting up the Smart TV is made easy with LG’s very own Bean Bird, guiding its users along the way.

Premium Content – Hulu Plus, Netflix, and YouTube’s premium content can now be accessed directly through LG’s Smart TV.

Additional Features

ENERGY STAR Qualified – Saving energy requires electronics and appliances to be efficient in use. The US Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy has set standards for televisions, and because LG’s Smart TV is qualified with the ENERGY STAR badge, it means that it uses 30% less energy in all of its usage modes, whether it is on sleep, idle, or ON.

Smart Share – Sharing a variety of media such as music files, motion picture video, or still pictures have been made easy and convenient with LG’s Smart Share feature. Simply connect a compatible device such as a smartphone or tablet, and send content via home network or a laptop over WiDi.

Staying Connected Through Skype – The LG AN-VC500 Video Call Camera, which is sold separately, allows its users to stay in touch with their family or conduct business meetings through Skype. Full HD 1080p resolution makes it even more visually convenient compared to going on a video call through a smartphone or laptop.


The LG Electronics 55LB6300 is a Smart TV that defines the true combination of entertainment and technology, meant for the fun-loving moviegoer, allowing all of the cinematic and immersive experience to be felt in the comfort of one’s home. When one thinks of the words Smart TV, home entertainment comes to mind, and LG’s Smart TV makes no compromise in delivering this type of leisure and experience. Deciding on which Smart TV to purchase is no longer a difficult choice to make. A unique set of salient features are made available with LG’s Smart TV; whether it is just browsing through the web, watching movies, TV shows, playing video games, viewing vacation pictures and videos, or even having a video call with one’s family or business, everything is made easy with the LG Electronics 55LB6300.

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