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Mechanic’s Tools Sets Niche

Mechanic’s Tool Sets are used by mechanics involved in the repair and maintenance of various mechanical equipments in the automotive, manufacturing, aerospace, construction, chemical, marine, electronics, consumer goods, medical, rail, utilities, refrigeration, air conditioning, and all other industries where machineries are involved. Machineries, or machines for short are made up of parts, and the number of parts in any machine equipment varies depending on its simplicity or complexity. Because of normal wear and tear, maintenance is needed to keep these machines working efficiently. It is usually more economical to repair or fix equipment as it wears down, than to replace it with entirely new equipment. And so, the parts of machinery are designed to be o be fastened together by removable fastening systems in order to be able to open it up and fix or replace parts that wears out. Now because of the different sizes and configurations of machineries, different fastening systems were developed.

An example of a fastening system would the simple nut and bolt. And because of the different sizes of parts that need to be fastened together, there are also different sizes of these nuts and bolts available. There can’t be an infinite number of sizes for the nuts and bolts, or there will also be an infinite number of sizes of tools that will be needed to manipulate these fasteners. And so, the sizes of these fastening systems are standardized to a limited quantity. Having standardized sizes minimized the number of pieces of tools needed in order to work on these standard sized fasteners is just a handful. But then, there are not just nut and bolts, you see. Just for screws, we typically see Slot heads and Philips at home. These two types of screw heads can easily be thought to be standard. With just a handful of different sized screwdrivers for the slot or Philips head screws and maybe a set of pliers, and maybe a hammer, a home mechanic could easily take apart hundreds of kinds of appliances at home. Not that he’ll be able to fix all of it, but, he can definitely take it apart for sure.

There must already be an infinite number of types and sizes of machines that has been invented since the beginning of the world’s industrial revolution. It is very fortunate for the mechanic that the number of types and sizes of mechanical fasteners to keep all the parts of these machines together are not infinite. By standardizing the sizes of these fasteners, such as nuts and bolts, a mechanic needs to have only the standard sized tools in his tool box, and he will be able to take apart an infinite number of types of machinery in order to fix it. The machine tool set is just what he needs.
A typical machine tool set would comprise of a set of wrenches of all the standard sizes. For wrenches, there would be the closed and open wrenches. A set of wrenches could have several pieces for each standard size, and have both the closed and open type on either end. Or, a set of closed type of wrenches with alternating sizes on either ends. The same goes with a set of open type of wrenches.
Another kind of machine tool set would have a ratchet type of wrench, complete with all the different sizes of hex sockets for the standardized bolt heads.

The tools can further be differentiated by its finish. There’s the shiny chrome and silver finish for easy cleaning, and the black oxide finish that resists corrosion.

There are machine tool sets comprised of different sizes of hammers, or different sizes of pliers, or different sizes of screw drivers. Or just any type of tool with different sizes or configuration.

A machine tool set could have just as few as 4 to 8 pieces, and another set may have up to 312 to 408 pieces. There are a wide number of variations for a machine tool set. A machine tool set manufacturer may include a screwdriver set, a pliers set and a wrench set complete in one carrying case.

A machine tool set may packaged to fit a small carrying pouch, a small lunch box sized box, a briefcase sized case, a really big luggage sized case, a metal drawer or even a huge a metal cabinet, depending on the number of pieces and sizes of tools that comprise the set.

Finally, for the machine tool sets that includes wrenches or ratchet and sockets, it is important for the mechanic, depending on which part of the world he will be working in, to know if he will be working on mostly the standard SAE sizes, which is based on inches and fractions thereof, or the metric sizes, which is based on the international metric system.

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