Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard Review

The Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard is a retrospectively designed board that brings back memories of the 1970s. For anyone who has been a fan of skateboarding since it beginnings, this item would be a valuable piece to add to their already stellar collection. Owning a Penny Graphic board is also a good opportunity for skateboard new comers to better appreciate the kind of boards used by the masters of old. However, aside from the throw back “old school” design, this skate board has more to offer in terms of durability and flexibility. Its small, portable design makes it easy for users to go anywhere they would like to go, be it on the way to school or just a relaxing stroll throughout the neighborhood. Curious about this board model?

Then read on to find out more about its features and functions:

Features of the Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard

Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard is equipped with the following features that provides a better experience for the user:

Soft Wheels
This skate board comes with 59 millimeter wheels which makes it easier for anyone to have a smoother ride. Soft wheels tend to absorb impact better from road cracks and humps, preventing that jolty feeling that skate boarders often get whenever they accidentally hit small solid objects on the road. Smaller, lighter wheels can also be an advantage for advanced boarding enthusiasts because they help make board tricks and acrobatics easier to execute.

Small and Portable
Because of its smaller size compared to its other bulky peers, the Penny Complete can be carried anywhere without any hassle. The size of its long deck is just 22 inches, which is barely two rulers combined. In fact, any student can use it to quickly and smoothly make his or her way to campus, then tuck inside a bag or a locker just before class. The very fact that it does not take too much space adds more convenience to its users.

Classic “Old School” Design
Having a skateboard with a vintage design will surely make the Penny Complete user the envy of the town. Even retired skate board masters will recognize the classy style of the unit and be thrilled of the fact that it is indeed a retro replication of the original skateboard designs.

Easy To Control
There is very little use riding a board that is difficult to control. It is not enjoyable and even raises the risk of accidents. With the Penny Graphic Complete, one does not need to worry about those problems. The board itself coordinates well with the rider’s movements, paving the way for a smooth and exhilarating ride.

Functions of the Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard

3.125 inch truck that supports the wheels – The entire skateboard is supported by the truck, a slightly T-shaped mechanism that attaches the board and wheel together. Penny skateboards are well known for trucks that are made with the highest quality and the best raw materials available. This ensures that the board will not give way to the weight of the rider even in tough circumstances.

Thoroughly Fastened Baseplate – The baseplate is the flat part of the truck that attaches to the board. This particular unit has a well-fastened baseplate that uses multiple screws. This gives the rider an assurance that the wheels will not suddenly detach itself to the board while doing advanced or complicated tricks such as the “frontside flip” or the “nose stall”.

Light Weight – Being light in weight is a feature, but it is also a function. At 4.5 pounds, the Penny Graphic Complete board is designed for speed, smoothness and flexibility. This is perfect for those hurrying to the airport, running late for school, or trying to make it on time to a friend’s party a few blocks away.

The Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard mainly solves the issue of size and portability. This is useful because there are many skateboard riders who prefer not carry a big board around in travels, and are looking for something that is small enough to place inside a backpack (or light enough to carry without arm strain). This skateboard model is the perfect choice for such people. Aside from size, this unit carries an interesting retro design that attracts a little bit more attention from peers. It is ideal for kids or teens that want to add a touch of class to the typical skate board. It is also very smooth to control, which can take the rider to many places without incurring leg fatigue. Overall, it is an ideal board for young and adult riders alike.

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