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Yamaha YPG-235 Portable Grand Piano Review

The Yamaha YPG-235 76-Key Portable Grand Piano Premium Pack is the must-have option for anybody in the market for a piano replacement. Novice musicians will love the built-in Education Suite, while professional players will find the Full Keyboard fingering mode a great alternative to other modes which limit you to chords on only on side of the keyboard. The YPG-235 is an excellent way to get that full, sonorous “grand piano” sound in a portable package that takes up a fraction of the space. The Premium Pack comes complete with keyboard stand, headphones and battery pack so you can start expressing your musical creativity right out of the box.

Key Features of the Yamaha YPG-235 76-Key Portable Grand Piano Premium Pack

The YPG-235 was designed to provide a great sound at a great value. It does exceptionally well at this task by including the following key features:

76 Keys with Graded Soft Touch (GST) action – ideal for students who want a keyboard they can grow into as they hone their musical skills. The GST action is vital to provide a smooth transition to a full-fledged digital or even an acoustic piano.

Yamaha Education Suite – 30 songs in built-in memory and 70 additional songs on included CD-ROM, separated into parts, allow students to learn songs on their own time, at their own pace. With options such as Waiting Mode, Your Tempo Mode, and Minus One Mode, the Education Suite provides 7 levels of lessons to suit every stage of a learner’s musical education. The Lesson Grading capability even provides feedback on the student’s progress. The Education Suite also includes a handy chord dictionary to make learning chords a breeze!

Full Keyboard fingering mode – play like you would on a real piano! Those musicians taking advantage of the built-in virtual band feature can now have the band accompany chords played on the right-hand side of the keyboard. Now you can play a song with the melody in the bass section while using the virtual band feature, something you cannot do on many keyboards from other manufacturers.

6-Track Sequencer – every musician should have the opportunity to record their own compositions or performances, and the 6-track sequencer makes recording music straight from the Yamaha YPG-235 simple and easy. Record one instrument track at a time and layer all 6 tracks together to create an intricate piece of music, or simply use the sequencer to record your performance for playback critique.

USB computer connection – now you can bring the Internet to your keyboard with the YPG-235’s ability to connect to your computer via USB. A 1-touch PC button on the keyboard provides the conduit with which you can access brand-new content on the internet through your computer. Record a track through the sequencer and upload it to your computer for digital editing, or immediately send it to family and friends for their reviews, advice and suggestions. Download new songs from the Internet to utilize with the Education Suite. With this features, the possibilities become limitless!

Yamaha is a brand known for excellence in sound, and the YRG-235 is no exception to this great legacy. This keyboard comes loaded with technology to ensure the cleanest, crispest, richest sound that anyone could expect from a digital instrument:

  • Five different equalizer settings so you can perfect your sound whether you are listening through the internal speakers, headphones, or on an external speaker system.
  • An ‘Easy Song Arranger’ feature that allows push-button, on-the-fly remixing of any MIDI file. Experiment with the same melody in different styles by giving the original music a Rock, Hip-Hop, or Jazz ‘flavor’.
  • Legendary Yamaha digital signal processing technology provides top-notch reverb effects that can simulate the experience of playing in a small, cozy room or a grand, spacious concert hall.
  • A one-touch Portable Grand button that resets the entire keyboard to a meticulously stereo-sampled piano, giving a pure and clear sound perfect for piano practice.
  • The integrated sustain pedal jack allows you to plug in a sustain pedal (sold separately), extending the keyboard’s piano simulation abilities.


It’s not a big secret that Yamaha makes great keyboards, and the YRG-235 is certainly no exception. Even more features than the ones already mentioned above have been packed into this value powerhouse: an integrated metronome, a backlit LCD, panel lighting and a pitch blend wheel are all included. Everyone deserves to have the best instrument that they can afford, and this keyboard is a great way to own a professional quality instrument at an entry-level price. The YRG-235 would make an excellent first keyboard for a learner just starting out or a great-sounding, portable keyboard to add to a professional musician’s collection.

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